The Mystery Of Mrs Blencarrow A Novel -

harriet by elizabeth jenkins persephone books - preface by rachel cooke 320pp isbn 9781903155875 published in 1934 harriet fictionalises a cause c l bre and in this respect is in a long tradition of real life crime novels of which the suspicions of mr whicher describing the 1860s constance kent case about the murder of a child is a recent bestselling example harriet is based on the 1877 penge murder mystery the death by, the victorian chaise longue by marghanita laski - preface by pd james 120pp isbn 9780953478040 this slim brilliant very scary novel john sandoe books came out in 1953 four years after little boy lost persephone book no 28 it is about a young married woman who lies down on a chaise longue and wakes to find herself imprisoned in the body of her alter ego ninety years before it impressed pd james author of the preface as