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life in a medieval castle the castles of wales - an indispensible feature of the castle of a great lord was the chapel where the lord and his family heard morning mass in rectangular hall keeps this was often in the forebuilding sometimes at basement level sometimes on the second floor by the 13th century the chapel was usually close to the hall convenient to the high table and bed chamber forming an l with the main building or, medieval castle history design of medieval castles - welcome to medieval castle com medieval castles in europe were built over a period of more than 500 years from around 1000 ad to 1550 ad indeed they were built so well that many medieval castles or at the very least their ruins can still be seen today a legacy that allows us the privilege of some truly tangible history, castle life medieval clothing - medieval clothing most people in the middle ages wore woollen clothing with undergarments if any made of linen among the peasantry wool was generally shorn from the sheep and spun into the thread for the cloth by the women of the family, the medieval life a day in the castle knight medieval com - life in the middle ages could be very challenging and difficult but there were many stretches of time when warfare was at a minimum crops were plentiful and castles were the homes of lords ladies and large staffs of administrators and servants, medieval castle com medieval castle design castle - architecture and medieval castle design castle architecture the simple motte and bailey castles from the 11th century with their timber frames and palisades evolved into substantial concentric castles by the 14th century subsequent changes in castle architecture tended to improve existing ideas as opposed to developing completely new castle designs, life in a medieval castle smells sounds and structure of - essentially castles were at the heart of medieval society castles were built in england and wales after 1066 they cemented a new social system of feudalism in place each new castle secured the power of the local lord over his vassals, medieval blacksmith medieval life and times - medieval blacksmith facts and interesting information about medieval life specifically the medieval blacksmith definition of a blacksmith definition and origin of the term blacksmith a blacksmith is a combination of the two words black and smith, medieval history medieval architecture knightly life - medieval architecture knightly life and medieval society this site aims to look at medieval history through means of selected topics regarding the medieval society and its customs, all things medieval storm the castle - a message to you from the golden knight welcome to the all things medieval website there are lots of medieval things here there are lots of interesting articles about castles knights and other medieval things to be found here, the medieval castle classic history philip warner - the medieval castle classic history philip warner on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the influence of the castle both on the course of history and on the lives of the people who lived in them, medieval castle defense and assault history - the feudal system depended on protecting farms and the countryside and the key to a kingdom s defense was its castle likewise taking over a kingdom meant conquering its castles and doing so was the most challenging aspect of medieval warfare, https www amazon com medieval life dk eyewitness books dp 075667316x - , feudalism and medieval life in england britainexpress com - feudalism the social structure of the middle ages was organized round the system of feudalism feudalism in practice meant that the country was not governed by the king but by individual lords or barons who administered their own estates dispensed their own justice minted their own money levied taxes and tolls and demanded military service from vassals, rockingham castle jousting medieval living history village - rockingham castle an amazing norman castle built under the instruction of william the conqueror a family home for the past 450 years over looking 4 counties an amazing wedding and corporate venue, camelot international britain s heritage and history - heritage medieval life choose one of the occupants of the street to find out more about medieval life, medieval jobs storm the castle - life in the middle ages jay williams i picked up this book at my local public library fun book nice look at various aspects of life during the middle ages here are some chapters the village the town the castle the camp of war and more