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candy a century of panic and pleasure samira kawash - candy a century of panic and pleasure samira kawash on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers for most americans candy is an uneasy pleasure eaten with side helpings of guilt and worry yet candy accounts for only 6 percent of the added sugar in the american diet and at least it s honest about what it is a processed food, poisoned candy myths wikipedia - poisoned candy myths are urban legends about malevolent strangers hiding poisons or sharp objects such as razor blades needles or broken glass in candy and distributing the candy in order to harm random children especially during halloween trick or treating these stories serve as modern cautionary tales to children and parents these stories repeat two themes that are common in urban, sweets a history of candy tim richardson amazon com - this book is a fascinating history of sweets or candy as we would say in the u s written in a lively and entertaining style it provides interesting facts about both the human love of sweets and specifics about particular types of candy, pueblo county our past century huerfano county - our past century listing contributed by jean griesan our past century page 1 our past century page 2 pueblo chieftain 1 4 1999 our past century 1900 2000 the pueblo chieftain will look back at the 1900s in a weekly series of stories beginning today on the city region page each monday we ll report a few of the events that happened in a two year period starting with the years 1900 1901, the food timeline history notes puddings - batter puddings yorkshire and popovers batter puddings quick baked in specially designed pans yield steamy chewy puffed deliciousness fat meat drippings butter is the flavor key